Hidden Kilauea Treasures

Overview of the Slot Game “Treasures of Kilauea”

Eruptions of volcanoes are among the most spectacular natural phenomena. They show us the immense, maybe destructive, but also potentially creative forces at work beneath our feet. For example, the Hawaiian Islands were created by volcanic activity that first erupted more than 70 million years ago. There are now six active volcanoes on the Hawaiian islands, and one of them is Kilauea, the focus of Treasures of Kilauea, a video slot game developed by Microgaming partner PearFiction Studios.

PearFiction has brought its volcano to life in Treasures of Kilauea, where it rests on the side of the screen and occasionally erupts, sending wild symbols crashing down onto the game grid. Since volcanoes might be frightening for some readers, PearFiction has attempted to make theirs as humorous as possible. PearFiction has taken a more playful, fast-paced, and vibrant approach to the game than, say, Play’n GO’s Gold Volcano.

It has become customary to modify with the reel arrangement of volcano-themed slots to create forms that evoke volcanoes. Treasures of Kilauea is similar to Gold Volcano and Mount Magmas from Push Gaming, both of which included additional rows, but in different capacities. Treasures of Kilauea has a mini-Megaways feel to it because to its grid, which consists of 5 reels with 4 symbols each and a 3 symbol horizontal reel on top. The math model, which is churning away in the background, is a very variable one with four RTP values, ranging from 96.35% to 86.79%. Bets range from 10 pence to £/€50 each spin, and it may be played on any device.

Treasures of Kilauea may appear like a scaled-down version of Megaways, but it only offers a quarter of the amount of ways to win. Forty fixed paylines stretch across the grid, rewarding players with coins if three or more matching symbols appear in order from the leftmost position. Symbol values are, may we say, not outstanding, beginning with winnings of 0.5-0.6x the stake for five of the 10-A low symbols. Landing five of the premium mask symbols offers a payoff of 0.9-1.2x the stake, however the highs aren’t much better. Treasures of Kilauea has wilds and multipliers, but line winnings only go so far.

Video Slot Feature: Treasures of Kilauea

Treasures of Kilauea employs a method where frames are collected and loaded with wilds once every ten spins to symbolize the fact that Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Furthermore, the volcano will add additional wilds to the reels after 50 spins. In addition, there are a few unusual features, like free spins with stacked wilds and five jackpots.

Volcanic Eruptions with Spinning Lava

When a Volcano Symbol lands, it creates a boundary around its previous location. On the tenth spin, all symbols within their respective frames become wild. These Lava Frames are wiped clean after the conclusion of any victory count. At 50 spins, an eruption spin will occur. The Lava Frames will turn symbols wild as usual during an Eruption Spin, and more wilds will be awarded at random. Any wild that lands on top of another wild multiplies by two. Above the reels, two counters indicate how many rotations remain until the next Lava Spin or Eruption Spin. Each level of betting results in a separate set of Lava Frames and spin counters.

No Risk Turns

Both the main and additional games include Free Spins icons. Free spins are triggered by landing at least three of these symbols during the main game, and players can select from the following options:

You can win 15, 10, or 5 free spins with 5, 7, or 10 wilds, respectively, when you land three scatter symbols.

Free games with 5, 7, or 10 wilds are awarded for landing four scatter symbols.

With five scatters, you may win 45 bonus games with five wilds, 30 bonus games with seven wilds, or 15 bonus games with ten wilds.

During the bonus round, wilds appear at random locations on the playing field. Each time a retrigger occurs, the player receives the same number of additional free games.


The middle position on the uppermost reel is surrounded by a golden border. The Jackpot Wheel spins and awards one of five prizes whenever an Idol symbol lands in the playing field. You may choose from the Micro, Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega, each of which is valued between 18 and 500 times your wager.

Slot Game Review: Treasures of Kilauea

Treasures of Kilauea might be the perfect slot machine for the right gamer. The game makes use of several standard slot machine elements and mechanics, but PearFiction presents them in an engaging and enjoyable packaging. Games as disparate as IGT’s Scarab and Kalamba Game’s Caribbean Anne (among others) occasionally return to the ten-spin wild cycle mechanism. It returns in Treasures of Kilauea and is enhanced by a new 50-spin mechanism. When put together, the two accumulation characteristics did an impressive job of maintaining a balance that was close to or exactly at the zero point during much of the study. Of course, other people’s review outcomes might very well vary greatly from our own.

To compensate the increased frequency of wild symbols, PearFiction has reduced the value of the pay symbols. In a game with a plethora of paths, this wouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, in Treasures of Kilauea, where there are just 40 paylines, filling the screen with the highest valued symbol returns 48 times the wager. Even if the Eruption Spin does produce a large number of multiplied Wilds (xWilds), the payoff will likely still be modest.

Therefore, it is difficult to amass substantial earnings until the Jackpot option is activated. This turned out to be more difficult than expected. The Idol symbol did give up a lot more hints in the bonus round than it did in the main game, suggesting that the latter had a higher potential for awarding the jackpot. Therefore, it’s probably best to go for the option that gives you the most free spins when the bonus round activates. There are fewer wilds, but line winnings are meager to begin with, so it may be worth it to increase the number of free spins in order to increase the likelihood of landing an Idol. By the way, there are no hard figures to back up the notion; everything here is just speculative.

Treasures of Kilauea is reminiscent of traditional PearFiction in many respects. It’s vivid, full of vibrant colors, packed with mostly typical frills, and maximized by a jackpot system. Treasures of Kilauea is a jackpot slot that keeps you entertained in the main game with frequent, if restricted, extras in a lighthearted setting.






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