Station Main Street Blackjack Tables

This property’s name may imply that it is affiliated with the Station Casinos Group, but nothing could be further from the truth. The venue’s name is derived from its location at 200 Main Street, where the former Union Pacific Railroad Depot once stood. Boyd Gaming, the archrival of Station Casinos, has owned the gaming establishment since 1993 and entirely renovated its facilities in 1996. Today, the casino floor occupies a total area of 27,798 square feet and features 19 table games, of which 12 are dedicated solely to blackjack.

Tables and Games in the Main Street Station

The Main Street Station offers two blackjack variations: a $10$1,000 double-deck game dealt by hand and a $5$1,000 six-deck game dealt from a shoe. Both variations adhere to the same set of principles. The dealer must attack on soft 17, doubling down after splitting (DAS), re-splitting Aces (RSA), and surrender are not permitted. Due to the difference in the number of decks in play, the House margin for the double-deck game is 0.60 percent, while the advantage for the six-deck game is 0.78 percent.


Some blackjack tables offer the ubiquitous “Bet Set 21” side bet; these tables can be identified by promotional signage and table markings. One table is also available for Super Fun 21 with wagers ranging from $5 to $500. Tables with a single-deck game that pays only 6:5 for a natural blackjack should be avoided. As if this rule were not reason enough to stay away, the game pays only 1:1 on any portion of a wager that is not a multiple of five, and there is no option to place an insurance wager when holding a natural blackjack against the dealer’s Ace.


What’s Unique?


Main Street Station is frequently honored with distinctions. Each year, tens of thousands of readers of Casino Player Magazine fill out ballots “to name their favorite gaming properties and vote on a wide variety of related categories.” The 2013 blackjack-related awards won by Main Street Station include first place for “Casino Where You Feel Luckiest” and “Best Promotions” as well as second place for “Best Overall Gaming Resort” and third place for “Best Comps.” In 2013, the property won a total of 12 “podium” awards, up from just two in 2012.


B Linked for Regular Blackjack Players


As a member of the Boyd Gaming Group, Main Street Station shares its “B Connected” player’s club with Sam’s Town, the Gold Coast, the Orleans, and the California, as well as Boyd casinos outside of Nevada. The loyalty program offers three membership levels, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, each with its “own unique set of rewards and benefits.” In addition to cash back, dining discounts, and special pricing on merchandise, benefits also include accommodation upgrades, priority services, and event invitations. Blackjack participants receive points based on their average wager and playing time. Each participant is also provided with an online account for tracking their gameplay and identifying new promotions.


The Inside Perspective


The rooms and gaming hall of Main Street Station are decorated with antiquities, old photographs, and curiosities to evoke the Victorian era’s aesthetic and ambiance. Chandeliers from the Figaro Opera House in Paris, France, for instance, illuminate a portion of the slot area, and stained glass windows surround the casino floor. In the men’s restroom on the first floor, a section of the Berlin Wall is used to mount the urinals, making it one of the most peculiar artifacts on exhibit. There is no truth to the rumor that the purpose of the Cold War relic is to encourage gentlemen to consume more of the casino’s award-winning $1.75 microbrews. However, women have reported that the ladies’ room attendants are happy to receive tips for signaling when the men’s facilities are empty, so that it is safe to view the wall without embarrassment.






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